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Scottish Fold Munchkins
Just a few of our past litters:

8 Week Old Male  Short Leg Long Hair Munchkin-$800

Welcome Kahlesi! Our new family member!


Below is an approximate price for kittens:

Folded Ears/Short Legs: $1600-$2500 (These are the rarest kittens and to get both highly sought after traits is EXTREMELY rare)

Folded Ears/Long Legs (as opposed to short Munchkin legs): $800-$1200

Long Ears/Short Legs (as opposed to folded ears): $500-$1000

Long Ears/Long Legs: $150-$250

All kittens will be re-homed spayed/neutered and dewormed, and up to date on their vaccines.

No deposits will be taken until the kittens are several weeks old. Folded ears on the kittens are not apparent for a few weeks after birth, therefore, pricing would not be available until then.
Pictures will be posted as soon as they arrive.

Kittens can go home with you between 8-12 weeks old. We know how important it is for you to bond with your precious new kitty so we will rehome them with you as soon as they are strong and healthy enough to go home with you.

Once you have placed a deposit on your kitten, we will send pictures and/or videos of your kitty regularly so you can be a part of their life from the very start.

Why are Scottish Fold Munchkins so expensive?

To get one kitten with both traits is very rare. Scottish Fold and Munchkins are also rare cats. For my breeding girl, I paid $3200 with breeding rights. For my males I paid $1200 and $1500. I do not buy cats based only on their short legs and folded ears. I only purchase particular traits that are very exotic looking and cats with perfect coats. In addition, I seek exceptionally well bred personality characteristics and cats whose owner take the same time and care to prevent sick genetic markers. In other words, I choose the best cats to breed. This costs money. I have very expensive taste in breeding and know very well that it comes at a high price.
This is not a career for me. I am a full time, certified, high school teacher and my husband is a line technician for a cable company. We do not do this to pay our bills. In fact, we are usually very well into the negative as for profit. You don't believe me? Start a small cattery of your own and maintain the high ethical standards as I do. My cats ARE NEVER in cages. The day I need to cage a cat is the day I close my breeding program. Many, many breeders cage their cats for fear of mixing breeds. I only breed one breed...Scottish Fold Munchkins. Our litters are planned months in advance and we will only breed a female once every year and a half. This is not our livelihood. These are our pets. Overbreeding is a practice I detest even more than in-breeding and caging.
My intentions are not to offend anyone, just to clarify. These are very rare and expensive cats especially if you are looking for exquisite traits. Most people cannot afford these prices and I understand. Please, I implore you to go into your local shelter and save a cat. I myself have rescues from time to time and find them homes.
Thank you for your time.


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